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The awards and decorations list may not be complete. If anyone is able to add further information, please CONTACT ME.


Distinguished Service Cross


Acting Lieutenant Commander William Pattison Goodfellow RNVR ---       Destruction of U-671 5/6.8.44

Lieutenant Derek R. Ford  RN ---                                                            Destruction of U-413  20.8.44


Engineer Lieutenant Allcock ---                                                                As above



Distinguish Service Medal


Leading seaman (HSD) Alfred Preston P/JX190384 ---                             Destruction of U-671 5/6.8.44


Able seaman (SD) Thomas Taylor P/SR16076   ---                                  Destruction of U-413  20.8.44



Mentioned in Despatches   


Petty Officer James Aster Johnson P/JX130782 ---                             Rescue of survivors from HMS                                                                                                                                Charybdis 24.10.43


Petty Officer Stan Guy P/JX145147       ---                                             As above


Able seaman E Douglas (radar) ---                                                         Following successful night action                                                                                                                         off Brittany coast  4.2.44


Stores Petty Officer Henry Frederick Lehmann P/MX520009 ---             Destruction of U-671 5/6/8/44


Acting Lieutenant Commander Willaim Pattison Goodfellow RNVR ---     Destruction of U-413                                                                                                                                                20.8.44


Petty Officer (TGM) Eric John Moses Linley  P/J107703---                     As above


Temporary Lieutenant Francis Arthur Robert Humphrey RANVR ---        As Above


Temporary Sub-lieutenant Harry Wilham Whiteley RNVR ---                   Following successful night                                                                                                                          action against light enemy forces  


Able seaman Wilfred Davies Crumblehulme P/JX358991 ---                     For outstanding skill in action                                                                                                                                with enemy destroyers.


Able seaman William Lockhart Tennent P/JX359026 ---                           As Above





(C) David Allen March 2017

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